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i do not promote ed,
i express it.
i just need a place to vent

March 8 2014, 5pm

...1 month ago

ahaha hello, relapse, my old friend


January 29 2014, 12am

...2 months ago

  • me: oh god im gonna binge
  • me: *watches Food, Inc*
  • me: im not gonna binge in fact im never going to eat again im never gonna look at food im never gonna even think about food what is food goodbye friends i am gone

January 23 2014, 1am

...2 months ago

ive lost five pounds since last week

im glad, but still upset

its not enough

its never enough


January 21 2014, 4am

...2 months ago

i cant live up to expectations

ill never be the good daughter

i feel trapped here and i hate myself and im frustrated and upset and i just cant